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The habit of book reading is vanishing in the youth due to many attractions and distractions. To revive this habit again in a big way, Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) launched this Societal Project “AHAMAHAMIKA” with the support of Ramnath Secondary School to motivate as many children as possible to read good books and make that practice as their natural and enthusiastic habit.

Ramnath Secondary School affiliated to NSTL educational society organizes in this endeavor two contests every year one for senior children (classes 8 to 10) on Independence day and the other for junior children (classes 5 to 7) on Republic day. The written contest followed by Quiz for first five rankers will be conducted by the AHAMAHAMIKA forum of Scientists of NSTL on the pre-announced books. The first Eighteen rankers are given in each contest prizes worth Rs 5000/. The other qualified students are awarded with AHAMAHAMIKA certificates. Children from many schools are participating very enthusiastically in AHAMAHAMIKA contests.

Other than these two annual contests, AHAMAHAMIKA forum encourages other schools also to organize the contests. For these, the forum conducts only written test and issues to the qualified students the AHAMAHAMIKA certificates.

Guide Lines :
AHAMAHAMIKA is a Societal Mission of Naval Science & Technological Laboratory (NSTL) with an objective to inculcate/revive the habit of book reading amongst school children.
AHAMAHAMIKA forum has been conducting contests for the school children in two categories (1) for senior children of 8,9 and 10 classes and (2) for juniors of 5,6and 7 classes.
Contact Details :
C/o Ramanath Secondary School
Naval Science and Technolgical Laboratory,
Phone : 0891- 2559519 , 2586155
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